How to Read Samsung Galaxy Model Numbers

Sometimes you need to understand your Galaxy model number to be sure you’re getting the right case to fit.  For example in 2017 Samsung released two different versions of the Galaxy J3.  The first version was available only for certain mobile carriers in the US, and the second version was for general release.  Both were completely different dimensions so needed cases designed specifically to fit.

We’ve created this quick and easy guide to help you understand your Galaxy model number.

To check your model number go to Settings -> About Device -> Model Number

Model Numbers for Samsung Galaxy J3 2017


How do I Read the Model Number?

The Samsung Galaxy model number can be broken down into 5 parts:


MM = Manufacturer
XX = Phone Model
YY = Phone Model Version
Z = Region or Network
W = Dual Sim / NFC enabled (contactless payment)

Translating the Galaxy J3 2017 Model Number:

SM = Samsung Mobile
J3 = Galaxy J3 (note, this is not always entirely obvious, for example the code for Galaxy S is G9)
30 / 27 = 2017 / 2017 Emerge
F / G/ P / A = International / Malaysia / Sprint US / AT&T US
N / DS / DD = NFC enabled / Dual Sim / Dual Sim


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