The Wallet Case But Not as You Know It – Availailable Now for Motorola Moto G5

Motorola Moto G5 Case
Motorola Moto G5 Case

We’ve re-engineered our classic low profile Moto G5 case so you can keep your screen covered and still take photos in a flash.

Matt Seal, Terrapin’s Managing Director, has a five-year-old son who plays a lot of football.  He found he was often missing great photo opportunities at the games because of the time it took to open the clasp on his wallet case.  He began researching ways to solve the problem and came across a new magnetic fastener that was being used on wallets in Japan.

The magnet is strong enough to keep the case securely closed if dropped, but small enough to fasten on the side of the wallet instead of the front.

Our design team set about re-engineering the low profile case to incorporate the new magnet.  The seemingly minor innovation completely changed the experience of using the case by enabling the front cover to simply flip open like the the cover of a book.  There’s now no need to handle the clasp at all, meaning the case can be taken from pocket to photo shooting position in less than a second.

It’s the only wallet case on the market to feature this unique new design and is an excellent functional improvement to what is already one of our most popular wallet case designs.

If you’re worried about the additional bulk of using a wallet case, it’s also one of the most minimalist designs available, adding less than 2 mm to the thickness of the phone.  It looks super sleek and fits in your pocket easily.

The case also incorporates a handy integrated viewing stand which is an essential for gaming, watching films or using video chat.

As part of the re-design the inner casing has also been switched from hard rubberized poly-carbonate to premium shock absorbing TPU Gel.  This makes the phone easier to fit and remove as required and provides additional impact resistance in the event of a fall.  The casing is completely form fitting so the phone fits snuggly and there’s no risk of it popping out.

The outer cover is made from premium PU leather with precision stitching that looks great and is super durable.

With a price tag of only £8.95, this intelligently designed Moto G5 case is a very affordable and sensible way to protect yourself from expensive screen breakages and keep your phone in pristine condition.

It will give you peace of mind without the frustration of missed photo opportunities!

The new re-designed low profile case is also available for the Huawei P10 Lite and Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XA1


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