Leather or PU Leather?

We’ve been making wallet style cases since 2006 and have a factory dedicated to their design and manufacture.  Our range includes genuine leather as well as PU leather covers, and people often ask what’s the difference and how can they tell?  Here’s a brief explanation that we hope will help!

The definition of genuine leather is very simple… it’s any material made from animal skin.  We use cow hide treated with a process called tanning that gives it a nice soft texture and excellent durability.  Our leather cases always come with a genuine leather tag and you can spot them by their unique irregular surface pattern, no two cases are exactly the same!

PU leather (sometimes called bi-cast leather), is a cheaper alternative to leather.  It’s made from synthetic materials and no animal products are used which is good news for the vegetarians and vegans among us!

Both have their pros and cons, genuine leather is one of the most durable materials available and has a beautiful finish. PU leather comes in a wider variety of colors, doesn’t fade in the sun and is easily cleaned.  The technology is now so good that it looks and feels almost exactly like leather, but the biggest and most obvious difference is the price. PU leather offers a great alternative if you’re on a budget!

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