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Sony Xperia XZ CaseXperia XZ cases could have a significant impact.

The launch of our Sony Xperia XZ cases will be an interesting one for us given the market today. With the most ardent Apple enthusiasts bemused by the lack of development of the iPhone 7 and Samsung reeling from the fact that for some reason their headline act now blows up, Sony has a chance to steal some ground.

We’ve launched an Xperia XZ case range that maintains our focus on functionality alongside “looking good”. Our wallet cases, purse cases, thin fitted folios and slim back selection provide something for everyone.

xperia_xz_scsf10_sctf10_caseSony Xperia XZ Tech Specs matched by our eye for design

We were in a meeting last week and were surprised by just how advanced the Sony handset has developed. The superior display quality and improved camera at 23 megapixel provide a stunning delivery. It is not until you sit the iPhone 7 next to this device or one of the pre-exploding Samsung flagships that you appreciate the difference. Our cases have been designed to ensure Xperia XZ users are able to get the most out of their device. The image stabilization benefits are complimented by our easy to hold cases. The SCSF10 case and SCTF10 case from Sony provide a solid offering however we feel that our cases provide comparable quality at a lower price point.  Our range of Xperia XZ cases is also more extensive to ensure we suit customer’s preferences.

sony xperia xz cases

Our focus remains on delivering premium quality manufacturing at sensible price points.

What our Xperia customers have said previously:

“Well made, perfect for this phone”

“it is a absolute quality leather case as i expected”

“I absolutely love my case, I find it beautiful and very good at protecting my phone.”

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