iPhone 7 leather cases that you can rely on.

cognac iphone 7 leather wallet caseTerrapin iPhone 7 Leather Cases

We like to think our iPhone 7 leather cases are the product every Apple user will want. With 10 years of experience and over 10 million cases sold we have learnt what works and our customers trust us to deliver.

As smartphones have become a more integral part of our lives, our cases have evolved to match customer expectations. Our iPhone 7 leather cases represent what we believe is the very best product at a price point that goes beyond expectation. From simple things like the direction the case opens to finer detail like over stitching size, every aspect of the design is well thought out and tried and tested.

iphone 7 leather case black

Since our first iPhone 3G case launch, the quality of our genuine leather has improved and is now inline with what you would expect from the most luxurious of brands. It’s also hard enough wearing to meet the everyday use our customers demanded.


Leather case colours that ooze class.brown iphone 7 leather cases

We have now added a new cognac colour series to our range. We took 9 months of testing to find the right shade, sourcing and working with materials from all over the world. We believe the colour matches the vision we had. Our iPhone 7 leather case series does not look out of place in any boardroom, coffee morning or shopping trip.

We still look to grow through the reviews and feedback our customers provide in order to provide the very best offering in the global market. From Sydney to New York we are keen to become the case of choice and build on our reputation for reliability.

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Update: 30th September. Cognac now available in USA, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain

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  1. Nice article……..definately impressive cases…….. type of case me looking for my iphone7.

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