iPhone 7 Black Gloss – Is a hard case better than a soft case?

iphone-7-leather-cases-terrapiniPhone 7 – hard case or soft case?

The launch of the new Apple iPhone 7 in Black Gloss raises some questions. Why did Apple release a product and then suggest a case would be beneficial to prevent from scratching? Do people really get the benefit of the design colour if the best way to maintain that is to cover it up? Would Steve Jobs have approved?

Hard or Soft inner casing

We make cases so we always think a case is the best solution. We do know that many of our customers buy our clear gel cases so they can continue to see the design of their phone. We want the best experience for our customers so we have been evolving our case designs. We now offer both hard and soft shell casesiphone-7_walllet_case

Our premium wallet cases have now evolved over time to use a softer gel to allow users to take out and reinsert their cases frequently. Initially our designs were based upon a harder case with the idea the phone would stay in. Our customers fed back that they preferred a softer shell to allow easy regular removal.

Our slim fitting folio cases for iPhone 7 we have continued with the harder shell. This works well aesthetically and more customers were leaving their devices in the case. The thin elements of this case make them far more usable in all walks of life and have been our best selling cases leading up to the launch of the iPhone 7.

Hard or Soft Outer Casing

Customers can prefer a gel case for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus due to the impact resistant elements. Our rubberised feel cases are actually a harder case that we added a soft feel to. The shock resistant armour cases provide the most robust protection. The leather series have that softness but all round protection. Which ever you prefer you will find a solution that meets your needs at a sensible price point. Our loyal followers continue to use our cases and come back for new editions when upgrading their handsets.

Impact case for iPhone 7 plus iphone-7-clear-cases-terrapinTerrapin Guarantee of Quality

Our customers continue to come back time and again once they have had the experience of a Terrapin case. The reason is quite simple that for the money we are market leaders for the quality you receive. With over 10 million cases sold we continue to improve our offering.





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