Phone cases with wrist straps – which is the right way up?

Which way should the wrist strap go on a phone case?

You like cases with a wrist strap that makes carrying your phone with cards and notes easier – but why is our wrist strap at the top? Well some thought and testing has gone into our positioning which we explain below.

At Terrapin we started adding wrist straps in 2008 when we saw our cases with card holding functionality were becoming increasingly popular. With the move to carrying more of your everyday items in one case we saw the opportunity to make carrying the case more convenient.

The Strap Was Originally at the Bottom of the Case

We originally had the wrist strap attached at the bottom of the case.  This was because we thought it would be easier to operate the phone.  Of course this made perfect sense to us avid phone users. Other companies who followed us saw the same reasoning.

wristBut Our Customers Preferred the Top

Through market research and customer feedback we saw that the ideal positioning for the strap is actually on the top side in relation to the phone. In running our own rigorous usage tests we saw that regular use of the card holders could have an effect. (Testing was equivalent to three years worth of everyday use of your card, five times a day). If the case was then held downwards by the strap the cards could work their way loose.

So We Changed the Case Design

With security in mind and without compromising on usability.  Our team of designers moved the strap to the top of the case and found the ideal length so that phone could still be easily accessed with the wrist strap on.  An additional pocket and sturdy clasp were also added for extra security.


floral phone case with wrist strapSo what we are left with is a case that meets the majority of our customers’ needs. Offering control and usability.

Why We Like Customer Feedback…

Our cases have always been designed with the end user in mind. We also work on feedback to ensure that we deliver the best cases that consumers actually want and need for their daily lives or specific occasions.

So what do you think? Which way would you like your wrist strap? We tested and reviewed what our customers fed back to us and came up with our latest stunning designs. They provide a great case at a price that makes sense. We’re always willing to learn if you have ideas or suggestions for improvements.




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